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WSS #0008: Porn, Plagiarism And Protecting Your Content With Jonathan Bailey

Have you ever worked hard on a blog post only to find that someone else had pilfered it wholesale and reprinted it on their site without permission from you?

That really burns our buns!

On this episode of our podcast we talk with plagiarism consultant Jonathan Bailey about all types of content and what you can do to protect your intellectual business property.

In This Episode We Talk About

  • Why most people wouldn’t steal your car but have no problem lifting your content.
  • The recent “celebrity scandal” and what that means for privacy and content theft.
  • Whether or not you need a “Copyright” symbol on your site and when you should consider legally registering copyrighted content.
  • How to get your stolen content removed from an infringing site, including how to file a DMCA request.
  • And more interesting topics like music parody and porn!

Links & Resources

Learn more about Jonathan Bailey, the Copyright 2.0 Show and plagiarism issues at plagiarismtoday.com.

Visit copyright.gov for more about your legal protections and to legally file a copyright.

File a DMCA takedown with Google

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