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WSS #0029: Marketing Can Be Oh, So Pinteresting With Cynthia Sanchez

This is Episode 29 of The Web.Search.Social Marketing Podcast, a podcast for small businesses, whether you’re a solopreneur working from your kitchen table or managing a team of 50. 

Today we welcome Cynthia Sanchez, mother of the Web.Search.Social Marketing Podcast and Pinterest marketer extraordinaire. You can’t go two pins across the internet without seeing Cynthia pop up and for good reason – when it comes to marketing your business on Pinterest, she has all the insight, advice and know-how you need.

In This Episode We Talk About

  • Why Pinterest is for more than girls and wedding dresses
  • How you can effectively use it to market your business
  • Why you shouldn’t let people convince you that “Pinterest is for fun, not business”
  • What you need to think about (and do) before you start pinning
  • Promoted pins, rich pins and more!

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