Web.Search.Social Marketing Podcast
WSS #0053: Ralph, Carol Lynn And Pam Aungst Are In A Boat. Who Gets Thrown Overboard In The SEO Wars?

Show Notes

SEO sends shivers down many spines and when it comes to search optimization, lots of small business people have one of two reactions: they either obsessively chase down the latest Google rule or they put their heads in the sand and opt out entirely. Well, we’re here to say that you don’t have to do either! Listen as we talk to Pam Aungst of Pam Ann Marketing about what you need to know to make good SEO decisions.

In This Episode We Talk About

  • What SEO means in 2015 (it may not be what you think)
  • The importance of practicing SEO as one component of a holistic marketing strategy
  • What red flags you should be looking for if you’re thinking of hiring an SEO company
  • How you can do SEO even without doing SEO
  • What you can take on yourself and what you definitely should not
  • And more about WordPress SEO, the opportunity costs of learning SEO and why SEO still matters

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