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WSS #0057: In Which Questionable Things Happen With Puppets, Elves And Social Media With Janet E. Johnson

Show Notes

If you don’t know Janet E. Johnson yet then you’re in for a treat. She hosts her own video podcast called Social Media Hangout Time but it’s not just any old podcast – it’s a podcast with a puppet! What better way to make social media lessons memorable than to tell them with a little… panache?

Janet knows more than puppets, though. She’s a social media whiz who gets real about strategy and results. Just the kind of thing we love to talk about! Tune in for great advice and a good time, too.

In This Episode We Talk About

  • The best way to deal with the inevitable technology snafus that happen when you’re doing a hangout, webinar, video or producing other live content
  • The increasing importance of video in your social strategy and what you need to be doing to make it effective
  • Why you can’t expect a real social media return without an ad budget
  • How to be successful with social media without curating content and even without directly promoting your business
  • When it’s time to hire a professional to help or guide you
  • And more about using social media to your advantage even if all you’ve got to share is a photo of a paint splotch on a wall

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