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If you listen to our podcast you may have heard us mention Triberr at least once! Seems like it’s about time that we talk with Dino Dogan, founder and CEO. But that’s not all. We’ve got our first in-studio visit by a SuperFred, also known as Dino’s prettier other half, Jillian Jackson. They came for the arroz con pollo and stayed for the podcast. We had a lot of fun and a great conversation about blogging and content.

In This Episode We Talk About

  • Whether or not it’s sexist when a man shortens a woman’s name and why interpersonal relationships are about calibration
  • The importance of building relationships AFK (away from keyboard)
  • How we can tap into our storytelling nature as human beings to blog for business
  • The difference between sharing, stealing and curating content (it’s not always as clear cut as you might think!)
  • Where platforms like scoop.it and paper.li fall on the strategy spectrum
  • Why blogging gets a bad rap (think Doritos and basements)
  • Why traffic doesn’t matter and what does
  • One super blogging strategy that will help you close business
  • Where Triberr fits into this conversation about blogging and content
  • Plus we crunch chips, talk about guacamole, make up the word “flignark” and ask ourselves, “WWDD?”

Links & Resources

Your Marketing Action Item

Start a blog! If you have a blog, start an experiment. Choose one person you want to reach, one person you want to convert into a customer and write a blog post for that specific person. You don’t have to name the person, but you do have to answer a question or tackle a topic that matters to them.

Or, experiment with other people’s content (or OCP as Dino calls it). Try embedding their videos into your blog posts to enhance and support your own content (and build those relationships!)

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