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WSS #0069: Ian Anderson Gray Tells The #JasonWiserBot To Be Authentic And Not A Robot On Social

Show Notes

Freduary continues with this all-Fred episode! It’s a short one because our originally planned guest episode with Jeff Sieh ended up sounding pretty darn tinny and Jeff was kind enough to offer to reschedule and try again.

So today we talk about some of our favorite Freds, what they’ve got going on and how that can help you.

In This Episode We Talk About

  • Ryan Hanley’s fantastic new book
  • Jason T. Wiser and Nicholas Cardot’s “never use another social plugin again” social plugin
  • Ian Anderson Gray’s long awaited next blog post
  • Plus we welcome a new SuperFred into the fold as we continue our quest to take over the planet!

Links & Resources

Your Marketing Action Item

From Ralph: Make sure your site is not inadvertently blocking search engines. Go to Google and type in your domain and see what comes up. If your pages come up, you’re ok. But if you get a message that your site is being blocked, better fix it!

From Carol Lynn: Think about something in your business or industry that you feel strongly about – love it or hate it – and post your thoughts and commentary in a social status update. Mention a few people that you’d like to hear from and whose opinion you value and see what kind of engagement you get. Keep the conversation going!


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