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WSS #0075: How To Market And Promote Your Book Without Being Icky

Show Notes

Have you written a book or are you perhaps still writing one? How about dreaming of writing one?

Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, chick lit or murder mystery, business or history – you’ve got more of a challenge than just committing many thousands of words to a page. Even before you’re done writing, the challenging process of marketing and promoting that book must begin. But with all the books being published, including a plethora of self-published books, where do you start?

That’s what we tackle today with a professional in the PR and marketing industry who knows a thing or two about promoting books.

In This Episode We Talk About

  • The difference between marketing and PR
  • When you should be thinking about marketing and PR
  • The most important thing you need to clarify before you start marketing and promoting your book
  • What you should do about negative reviews
  • How to pick a good PR person to help you promote your book
  • The most important thing you can do to help promote your book that even a PR professional can't do for you
  • Where to start if you’re taking on promotion yourself plus some tips for getting the word out and building a super fan base
  • Plus more about selling without being “icky”, the value of having a platform and what not to do on social media!

Links & Resources

Your Marketing Action Item

From Meg: Don’t be shy! Get out there and talk about your book. If you’re not comfortable doing that, find someone to help you. Your book won’t sell itself.


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