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WSS #0076: Build Your Marketing House With Your Own Bricks… And Keep The Poachers Off Your Land!

Show Notes

It’s the last Monday of Freduary! Welcome our final Fred of the month, SuperFred Krithika Rangarajan, also known as “Kit Rodgers” (you’ll have to listen to find out why). She’s a new friend and someone who we hit it off with immediately because she has such a generous heart and a positive outlook.

What’s Freduary?

It’s an entire month dedicated to all things SuperFred. And if you don’t know what a SuperFred is – or I should say who a SuperFred is, then you’ll have to listen in and join the army.

Enjoy Freduary with us! Send your messages and tweets tagged with #superfred and we’ll be sure to connect!

In This Episode We Talk About

  • What it means to “own” your content and who should have a right to use it
  • The changes over at Pinterest that are causing consternation amongst marketers
  • How people built their email lists “back in the day” before social media was around
  • The probability that Ralph will die of a cold during this episode
  • And more about non-marketing-y things like “having a real relationship” with people instead of always wondering “what’s in it for me?”

Links & Resources


If you message or tweet them, add the hashtag #superfred so they know you’re part of the army!

Your Marketing Action Item

From Kit: Follow your heart and connect with someone online because they make you happy. Skip the marketing agenda and focus on mutually satisfying relationships instead of mutually beneficial ones.

From Carol Lynn: If your email list has been inactive, think about how you can reintroduce yourself to your subscribers. Don’t send a marketing email or newsletter. Reach out and say hello, let them know you’re there and invite them to connect with you or start a conversation.

From Ralph: Since Ralph had a cold, he copped out on the action item but threw one in at the end to help Kit reach her dream: find Aaron Rodgers and bring him to Kit so she can pitch him on writing his biography! Tweet at him with #SuperFred and let him know he’s got a fan who wants to make him shine.


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