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WSS #0079 > The Trampoline Of Social Proof (Or The Vanity Of Numbers)

Show Notes

What do old video games, trampolines, social proof, creative inspiration and broken websites have in common? Well… not much, actually, except they all make an appearance on today’s podcast. All things considered, we think we segued pretty well! And we managed to tie it all into marketing, too.

In This Episode We Talk About

  • How Pinterest is proving to be the “digital tool belt” of the modern guy
  • Why your website may appear to be working fine but be in danger of falling apart because of one small oversight
  • Whether you’re obligated to “like” or follow someone on social media because they liked or followed you
  • Why “social proof” is a thing… but shouldn’t be something you worry about
  • What Facebook’s new changes mean to you (and why you may lose a few likes on your page)
  • How someone's constructive criticism can be a goldmine of opportunity for you
  • Plus high fives, jazz hands and why there won't be any singing on this or future podcasts

Links & Resources

Your Marketing Action Item

From Carol Lynn: Test your website form. First, try to break it. If you’ve got a required field, don’t fill it out… and make sure a proper error message is displayed. Then, once you submit the form, be sure there is a visual cue like a thank you page or message to confirm that the form was submitted. Next, check your email. Make sure the form submission actually reached you. Finally, check (or set up) your autoresponder with a secondary call to action to keep the dialogue going. Do this for every form on your site.

From Ralph: Ask your web developer to audit your website and make sure that all the links on your site are pointing to the right place. Make sure there are no copies of your site anywhere, especially on a development server that may be competing with you.


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