Web.Search.Social Marketing Podcast
WSS #0005: Oh, The Outrage! The Reality Of Trying To Please Everyone With Your Marketing

This is Episode 5 of The Web.Search.Social Marketing Podcast, a podcast for small businesses, whether you’re a solopreneur working from your kitchen table or managing a team of 50. 

Just recently Apple announced a new iOS update and as part of a PR collaboration with the rock band U2, Apple added a free copy of U2’s latest album onto Apple users’ iPhones.

While some of you may be thinking, “Cool, free stuff!” others were outraged by the fact that Apple did something “without their permission”, even if that something was giving away a free album.

Thus opens the conversation in this podcast about good marketing gone bad and when you should and shouldn’t run in to pick up the pieces.

In This Episode We Talk About

  • Whether planting a free album onto an iPhone is as egregious as it sounds.
  • How that applies to small business marketing.
  • One of our biggest email fails ever.
  • When it’s time to rethink a strategy and when it’s time to sit tight.
  • And more ideas about what makes marketing effective or not.


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