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WSS #0047: Passion And Business Go Together Like Chicken And Waffles

This is Episode 47 of The Web.Search.Social Marketing Podcast, a podcast for small businesses, whether you’re a solopreneur working from your kitchen table or managing a team of 50. 

Today we talk to Clare Price, self-published author of Web of Betrayal, a cyber thriller set in the dinosaur days of the internet – 1994.

She not only self-published but created her own publishing house to do it. And she took on all of the marketing and promotion herself. How did she do it? Join us to find out!

And if you’d like a chance to win an autographed copy of the book, enter here by Friday December 19th.

In This Episode We Talk About

  • How to combine passion and business sense to achieve your dreams
  • Why you shouldn’t be discouraged if your book sales slow down and what to do instead
  • The “be everywhere” approach and how it can help you get the word out about your book (or product… or service… or anything!)
  • And more fun stuff about the evolution of technology and how you can use it to create a multimedia experience around your own book, product or service

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