Web.Search.Social Marketing Podcast

Show Notes

Even though today is not a regularly scheduled guest podcast day, a lot of interesting and timely topics just begged to be discussed, so we invited Jason T. Wiser of On Track Tips to get to the bottom of some important marketing stuff.

In This Episode We Talk About

  • The one word that matters most to the success of your marketing
  • Why we love the Social Warfare plugin
  • Why we don’t love Snip.ly
  • And some philosophical conversation about how to budget for marketing, the best approach to take and why marketing isn’t even the whole picture

Links & Resources

Your Marketing Action Item

From Jason: Ask your sales team what they need in order to do their job - make sales! More specifically, try this: before you add a single field to your web forms, ask the sales team what data they need to be able to contact the customer or prospect to make the sale. Let that inform your marketing and your contact forms.


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