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WSS #0086: At The Intersection Of Business And Social Issues: #RaceTogether Or Cut And Run?

Show Notes

You may want to grab a grande half whole half skim quadruple upside down macchiato latte extra hot… and breakfast… and maybe lunch, too… because this is what can only be described (if you’ll forgive the cliché) as an epic episode.

Friends and #SuperFreds Jillian Jackson and Dino Dogan join us to talk about the Starbucks #RaceTogether campaign, the good, the bad and things we couldn't have anticipated. We truly enjoyed the conversation and think you’ll gain some valuable insights into business, marketing, how they tie into social issues and whether you should put yourself or your business in the line of fire.

PS: This is our first episode with the explicit tag, in part because we talk about some difficult and grown up subjects but also because an F-word or two may have escaped and we let them live in the interest of retaining the truth of the conversation.

In This Episode We Talk About

  • Whether the Race Together campaign was a good idea or bad idea (hint: we don't all agree)
  • Whether the conversation about race should be happening in a coffee shop with a barista (hint: we don't all agree)
  • Whether Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is visionary or crazy (hint: we don't all agree)
  • The importance of aligning yourself with people who share your values but also knowing the difference between agreement and alignment
  • Plus we decide on Jillian's official SuperFred title, start a new movement called #SocialGuac and answer the burning question, "How much guacamole can Jillian eat?"

Links & Resources

Your Marketing Action Item

From Jillian: Talk to the person who interacts with your customers the most and ask them what they think about race (or any sensitive subject) before moving forward with a company-wide brand campaign.


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