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Show Notes

We're getting some practice with the mashup episode because this one covers the gamut. We've got a laundry list of things on our minds, from making money to pricing services, from social media authenticity to outrage, from winning to losing opportunities. If you've got an opinion, this is the perfect opportunity to let it fly because we take on some sticky subjects.

In This Episode We Talk About

  • The latest hoopla about Clorox's "racist" tweet and why it may just be time to stop apologizing
  • Why the "social media outrage" over... well, everything... is overblown and mostly fabricated
  • Whether you need to be careful about what you publish or should continue to be unapologetically yourself online
  • The difference between being offensive and being off-message
  • What it means to monetize a podcast and whether it's important to tie a direct line between your podcasts, blogs, social posts or other content and sales
  • The value of understanding why you lost some business – and just as importantly, why you won some
  • What we learned from losing a job because our proposal wasn't as pretty as the competition's
  • The super secret Rivera Pricing Model that you can use to help you prepare your proposals
  • Why businesses tend to underprice (especially service businesses)
  • Whether you should respond to or ignore requests from people who ask you to guest post/ask to guest post on your blog/ask you to contribute to something they're writing
  • Plus we announce the presidential candidacy of Cynthia Sanchez but can't decide on #cynthia2016 or #sanchez2016, announce the "wife swap of podcasts" between Superheroes of Marketing and Web.Search.Social and practice rolling the music in and out at least three times

Links & Resources

Your Marketing Action Item

From Ralph: Find a way to automate social tasks that can be automated. Check out "If This Then That" and create some "recipes" that will help you connect your social networks and apps in a way that streamlines your tasks. For example, IF you post a photo to Instagram with a specific hash tag THEN post that photo to your Facebook business page (like we do with #wssup).

From Carol Lynn: Go out and buy yourself a box of new crayons and draw something. Anything. We all have the ability to be creative but we need to flex our creative muscles. So practice having fun and setting your creative side free. Then snap a photo of your creation and tweet, pin or post it with the hash tag #wssup so we can love it!


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